Caring for your stockings

So you’ve just received your new Queen size stockings, now you need to make sure that they last as long as possible.
There are several things that you can do to look after your stockings.

1. Keep your nails and hands smooth – In my experience, stocking snagging happens before the hosiery has even been clipped to a suspender belt or girdle. Make sure that your nails are filed, and have no sharp or broken edges. If you’re a nail biter with snaggy nails like I used to be, you can buy really cheap hosiery gloves to wear while putting on your stockings. I now get acrylic nails put on because my real nails are a nightmare. Make sure your feet are also smooth!

2. There is a technique to putting on stockings – Gather the stocking up with both hands down to the foot of the stocking, make sure the foot and heel are all in the right place (ie, the seam is in the middle of you heel), then gently pull the stocking up. This may seem obvious, but I have spoken to a lot of people who just put their foot straight into the stocking and yank it into place.

3. Be careful where you attach the suspender clips – The welt is the only place that clips should be attached. The reason for this is that the welt is actually two layers of nylon, which makes it a lot stronger than the rest of the stocking. Don’t clip anything to the keyhole if you’re wearing fully-fashioned stockings as it is the weakest part of the welt and could cause a massive ladder in the stocking, which would be heartbreaking!

4. Be careful when adjusting them – If you need to make adjustments to your stockings once they are on and clipped, make small movements, rather than pulling them up like pantyhose. If you need to pull them up, start at the ankle, and firmly run your hands up your legs; do this instead of holding onto the welt and pulling. Trust me, I learned this the hard way!

5. When washing your stockings, use warm water and normal detergent. Always hand wash them then hang to dry, never put them in the washing machine!

6. Stay away from snaggy things, ie. cats, cacti, bushes, velcro… if it has a sharp edge or a claw, just steer clear!

I hope these tips help to make your stockings last a little bit longer!


3 thoughts on “Caring for your stockings

  1. I would add making sure that your feet are as smooth and supple as possible as another preventative measure. In my experience, stocking runs can start from the friction of a coarse patch of skin on your heel with the hose. Before I wear a new pair of nylons these days, I always reach for my pedi-roller and give my feet a good going over.

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