Exquisite Form bra and knickers review

My choice of underwear has changed slightly recently. We bought a house last year that is about an hour away from my office, compared to our rental appartment which was 15 minutes away. As such, I have to get up earlier in the morning and I REALLY don’t like getting up in the morning. I usually end up snoozing through 20 alarms then realise that I have 15 minutes to get showered, dressed, makeup and kiss the cats goodbye. Unfortunately, this routine does not lend itself well to overly complex undergarments.

Since the move, I have favoured underwear that is easy to throw on my body. This usually includes longline bras paired with a girdle, a suspender belt and/or enormous knickers, all of which smooth my silhouette out and are very comfortable.

When I received my Exquisite Form set, I knew straight away that it was the perfect underwear for my current predicament.

I ordered the Fully Front Close Longline Posture Bra With Lace in a 40DD and the Control top shaping panties in a 2XL, and I think both are brilliant. Let me explain why.

The bra: I have been doing up my bras at the back since I started wearing bras about 16 years ago. Every morning when I put on my bra, I think to myself, “why the hell is the hook and eye strip at the back?? I can’t see what I’m doing!!”. I mean, why were bras designed that way really?

This is why this bra is fabulous, IT IS FRONT CLOSING!!! Hallelujah! There are so many good things about this bra but this is one of my favourite things about it.

Secondly, it’s a soft cup. I really don’t have time for moulded cups anymore. I don’t want to look like I’ve had two halves of a football stuck to my chest, I want my breats to have a natural shape. You will notice that this cup shape creates what I like to call a ‘banana boob’ shape. Have a look at my boobs, you’ll get it I’m sure. I really love a more natural shape, I think it’s incredibly feminine, and I no longer crave a big cleavage, so this bra design suits me nicely.

OK next up, the back. Goddamn I love the back of this bra. It comes up high, there’s loads of support and it doesn’t dig in at all. My back looks SO SMOOTH. I would recommend this bra to be worn with a corset if you suffer from back boobs (I do).

Let’s not forget the thick elastic band at the bottom of the bra, which cinches the waist at just the right spot.

In my opinion, this is a really pretty and feminine bra that is also incredibly practical. Having said that, if you like wearing booby tops, I wouldn’t recommend this style as it comes up quite high.

In terms of sizing, I feel like this bra was made for me. It doesn’t dig in to my waist at all (even after wearing it all day), the cups sit well and I felt very well supported. I would say that this bra runs true to size.

The knickers: Look, I have a big bum, wide hips and a jiggly belly. I need something that’s going to help flatten it out a bit and smooth things out. That something is usually a big old girdle or a big old pair of knickers. However, not only do these knickers help to smooth things out, but they also make my peach look great (evidence of juicy peach above).

I find that some shaping knickers cut into my skin and really hurt after a few hours of wear. I was initially worried that this would be the case with this style. I was pleasantly surprised though as the fabric has just the right amount of stretch and is SUPER SOFT. They didn’t cut in at all. The sizing seemed spot on too.

It’s also worth mentioning that the bra only cost $25.99 and a two pack of knickers was $19.99. I really think both pieces are excellent value for money. I’m hoping to get them in every colour now!

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What do you think of these pieces?


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