Glamorous Corset – Red satin underbust review

I have been on the hunt for a corset brand that I can buy corsets from for daily wear. Although in a dream world I would be able to afford custom corsets that I could throw on each morning, budget is a real constraint. The other issue is that I tend to wear my corsets to death. My last little black corset ended up ripping on every seam, just because I had worn it so frequently. I really don’t want to feel too devastated when my corset inevitably falls apart.

I found an online shop called Glamorous Corset which fit the bill perfectly. They sell a range of different corsets including, overbusts, underbusts and waspies in a variety of fabrics and colours, all for a very reasonable price.

I chose a little red waspie to add a pop to either my outerwear (if worn over a dress) or to my underwear. I have plans to wear this corset with an all black underwear set to just give it an edge.

So, here is my review of the Bella red satin corset!

My waist is currently about 32″ so I chose a 28″ corset to be able to get some good cinching going on. I couldn’t fully close the corset as my hips are pretty big in comparison to my waist, and I like the back of my corsets to line up straight. However, this is pretty standard for an off the rack corset, the only way to fix this is by having a custom corset made.

In terms of comfort, this little corset is perfect for me as I have ribs that protrude quite far out. It’s length makes for a very comfortable wear and is in no way restrictive. I can wear this all day without discomfort.

The fabric is a really luxurious red which goes perfectly with the shade of red lipstick that I like to wear. The finishings are pretty good for the price point too, which by the way is only $74 USD. I usually worry about the eyelets popping out of the back on cheaper corsets however these ones look like they have been secured nicely and won’t be popping out anytime soon!

If I were a burlesque performer with limited sewing skills, I would definitely buy this corset in a variety of colours and embellish the sh*t out of them. Can you imagine this corset full of crystals, glimmering on stage??

My only criticism of this corset is that it is quite wrinkly. HOWEVER having learnt to make corsets myself, I know how time consuming and ultimately expensive it is to make corsets wrinkle free. I think that making this corset without wrinkles would put the price up well over $74 USD, so for this price it is absolutely expected and not an issue in my eyes. I would just bear it in mind if that is something that you don’t like.

The great thing about this corset is that the boning is metal. If you’re new to corsetry, this is very important as it will cinch your waist nicely and not go out of shape. Corsets with plastic boning will do very little for your waist and will bend out of shape VERY quickly. I don’t ever recommend plastic boning in corsets.

I love this corset for what it is – a well made off the rack corset for a very reasonable price that I can safely wear on a daily basis. It is comfortable, fits me well and is cheap enough for me to buy in several different colours so I can regularly change my look up.

I think that if Glamorous Corset added lacy options to their range, that would set them apart from other brands and would be so pretty. But if they don’t well I can always sew some lace on myself!

What do you think of this corset?


One thought on “Glamorous Corset – Red satin underbust review

  1. For 75$, I think thats a pretty good corset you got there. I am pretty new to corsetry, just stitched my very first one in college and posted my very first tutorial. I kinda enjoyed it but agreed its extremely difficult to make a corset. It just involves so much work!

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