Elila lace softcup and brief set review

I hate to admit this, but I have very conservative taste when it comes to underwear colours. I usually opt for black, white or shades of peach; I have never sought out bright coloured underwear. I now realise that that was a big mistake!

Allow me to present to you my brand spanking new FUCHSIA set from Elila!

It’s pretty stunning isn’t it?

Let’s start with the knickers. They are big, they cover my tummy and alllllll of my bum. The lace on the sides is super pretty and the main fabric has just the right amount of stretch, giving me light support around my tummy. Basically, 5 stars.

And then there’s the matching bra… I know this is a bold statement but this may well be one of my favourite bras.

The first thing I noticed about the bra was the straps because they are so wide! I really believe that underwear designed for full figured women should have wider straps than ‘standard’ sized underwear. I believe that this is true for two reasons – Firstly, I think that thin straps do not provide enough support and secondly, I think it looks much more proportional on curvier bodies.

This wirefree bra is a great daily wear option as it is SO comfortable. I really struggle with underwire bras as my ribs protrude quite a bit, and the underwires actually hurt me after a few hours of wear. As Elila bras are designed for women with fuller busts, there needs to be some kind of mechanism for support in the absence of underwires. This bra has a full cup sling to keep the bust pointing north, rather than south, as you can see below. And it works!

the deep V-shaped centerfront band is made of strong, thick elastic which also adds lots of support and comfort.

With regards to creating a retro shape, I would always suggest three piece soft cups to women who want to create a pointy bust but either aren’t really for circular stitched bullet bras, or need something more subtle for daily wear.

The lace is really pretty and feminine which I find refreshing for a bra that is designed for fuller busts. I feel like Elila have really nailed this set when it comes to practical, comfortable femininity.

This bra is available in several colours – White, sand, black, cobalt blue (I really want the set in this colour now), fuchsia, and mocha. Surprisingly, the bras are availble in a large range of band sizes – 36-52, and a great range of cup sizes – C-K. Considering how many underwear brands don’t even bother going up past DD cups, I am very impressed.

For those interested, I am wearing a 40D bra and the knickers are an XL; the fit is perfect.

*Edit: A lot of you have been asking about the +4 rule for finding the correct band size for this brand.

My underbust measures 36 inches and I opted for the 40 band. I’ve never tried this rule when buying a bra, I’ve always just gone with the size that usualy fits, however this seems to have worked perfectly. Check out this video understand more about how to find your perfect Elila bra size.

I’m looking forward to wearing this set with a black corset, for an even more dramatic and glamorous look!

If you would like to check out this set in all the available colours, you can see the collection here.

Have you tried Elila underwear? What do you think of this set?


2 thoughts on “Elila lace softcup and brief set review

  1. Hey! Did you use their 4+ method for sizing? I haven’t bought a bra based on that method in many years.

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