Elila Bras – Underwire vs Wirefree

I was fortunate enough to receive a couple of bras from Elila for me to try out. They sent me two bras and a pair of knickers from their lace collection. One of the bras has an underwire and the other is wirefree, and I was curious to see how they compared.

The first bra I tried was the wirefree lace bra. If you want to know about Elila’s sizing, please refer to this post.

This bra has soft cups, which is my favourite style of cup as it creates a more natural shape compared to moulded cups. Moulded cups just make me feel like I have two halves of a football strapped to my chest.

As you can see from the below photos, the lift and support is perfect really good. Sometimes with wirefree softcups, I feel like the support just isn’t there and every movement hurts my breasts. This bra however keeps them locked in place.


The cups do come up quite high which is a style I personally like. Working in a technology team surrounded by men means that having even the slightest suggestion of a cleavage will make me feel uncomfortable all day. Having cups that come up this high also provides extra support which is great.

The one thing I would say about this bra is that sometimes the sides don’t always stay flush to my body and create weird bumps that can be uncomfortable. I had to flatten it out a couple of times throughout the day. My breasts also don’t feel like they are 100% contained within the cups… It may be a fit thing but this stops the bra from being a 5 star bra.

OK, now time to talk about the underwire version – Stretch lace full coverage underwire

This is very similar in style to the wire-free style, although the band has no lace between the cups.

I have to say straight up that although I usually prefer wire-free softcups, I actally prefer this version! I have ribs that protrude quite far out so wires can be very uncomfortable for for. however this bra was suuuuuper comfortable and I feel like it fits even better than the wire-free style.

As you can see, the cups create a slightly more rounded shape, so probably a little less retro but still very natural looking.

Unlike the first bra, the sides don’t move at all. I would also say that the cups fit me better than the wire-free style.

In terms of the look for both styles, I have never worn a set this colour! I feel like this colour and lace isn’t readily available in retro underwear so it was quite refreshing!

If I had to pick between the two bras, I would have to go for the underwire version. I would very rarely say that but in this case the underwire version is just ever so slightly more comfortable than the wirefree bra. Either way, these are both beautiful bras and the matching knickers look so pretty too.

If you have a bigger bust and like the look of this set, I would encourage you to go to the Elila website and check out this style and all the other designs they have!


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