About Me

Elinor is the owner and designer behind The Nylon Swish.

Since her teens, Elinor suffered from body confidence issues, often hiding her body under ill-fitting clothes and avoiding the camera at all costs. In 2013 she met a man who changed everything. He introduced Elinor to the vintage and retro aesthetic which of course included undergarments and stockings.

As Elinor started wearing vintage inspired undergarments more and more, her confidence in her body and herself grew and she decided to wear girdles, bullet bras, suspender belts and stockings on a daily basis. She loved the way they made her feel!

Elinor decided to document all of her learnings on her blog. She writes about everything from product reviews, to advice for both men and women to the history of her favourite pieces.

However it soon became apparent that there were very few options for vintage lovers in Australia to buy suitable undergarments. Elinor decided to open up her own online shop featuring some of her favourite brands under the same name as this blog – shop.thenylonswish.com. Finally, women didn’t need to wait weeks for a new pair of seamed stockings!

Over time the shop grew but both Elinor and her customers became frustrated with the lack of sizes for women bigger than a size 14. After trying to source larger sizes and realising that there wasn’t anything up to her standard on the market, Elinor set herself a mission to have beautiful underwear for women of all shapes and sizes made. Queen sized women shouldn’t have to put up with ugly modern shapewear, they should have the option to wear beautiful retro underwear should they choose to. Feeling beautiful should never be limited to size 6-14, women of ALL sizes deserve to feel beautiful.

The Name

Nylon stockings have a very different look and feel to modern stockings that are made of stretchy yarn. When wearing nylon stockings, the texture of the nylon rubbing together creates a swish swish swish sound that can be heard with every step a woman takes. This is a sound that Elinor loves to hear.

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. E ros built this girl for pleasure,
    L ovely legs by any measure,
    I n her eyes lies golden treasure,
    N icely shaped with style and grace,
    O h, and such a stunning face,
    R ich and charming in your place.

  2. I like your blog and Instagram very much. You look great, and you’re very classy. Thank your boyfriend for me, for helping you show your beauty to everyone! 🙂

  3. Hi Elinor! Only recently found you. I think you’re beautiful and your blog is fab. Keep up the great work. Oh.. and your About Me describes the attraction to vintage foundations so perfectly. Bravo!

  4. Just came across your website, your are a stunning lady, love every inch of you and your outfits.
    Keep on sharing your beauty with us.

  5. Elinor, you are beautiful. A woman who portrays real femininity. Your blog is excellent as is your choice of lingerie. I will follow your blog with real interest xx

  6. Very well written and explained… Having done a bit of lingerie photography you highlight the benefits of the good features beautifully

  7. I do hope that U don’t mind that a Cross dresser wants to follow your Blog, & i should also say: that I,m also very NEW with all things Girly I *LOVE, LOVE the looks/styles of Vintage Under garments Kelly

  8. Hi Elinor
    Congratulations on your blog, but above all, congratulations on your decision, on your lingerie choices and to share with us your thoughts, your buys, your “exploration” and your superb sensation wearing those magnificent lingerie pieces.
    I agree with you…the nylon swish is one of the most beautifull (and rare) sounds.
    Hope to hear a lot from you.
    Lisboa, Portugal

  9. You have an ideal figure for the modelling of foundations – especially corsets. Also, your statuesque legs actually do look perfect in black, full-fashion stockings. (You don’t think that spindly legs look good, do you?) Please keep modelling vintage fashions and underwear..please, Elinor! Thank you.

  10. Dear Elinor. I’ve just had a long conversation with Julie at Miss Discreet and have ordered some lovely underwear for me and my fiancée. Ivory Satin French Knicker & Cami Top Set with Antique Cream Lace and Powder Blue Highlights for her and matching Baby Blue Briefs Knickers Full Bum Panties in Sexy Shiny Satin for me. So exciting. Thank you so much for posting the link. Have a great day.

  11. Hi Elinor, I think your site is just lovely and you’re certainly a bit of a goddess! I read your article about being harassed and was so deeply grieved by it, you should be respected, loved and adored for having the courage to pursue your passion! Retro is good, whether it be underwear, fashion generally or sixties and seventies music which is my particular adoration. I love your site and think you’re great, and great hear to hear you’re in Sydney. I live in Bundeena and I can tell you, you gotta watch those cockies, they will eat your verandah! Blessings, Sandy x

  12. It is good to promote such a kind of wearing,as a male it is beautifull to see a woman’s body covered with such beautiful pieces of clothing.You are very beautiful and very attractive woman,i hope that your boyfriend will not get mad at me because of my praise to you.I’d love to find a girl like you. 😀

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