Dita’s Von Follies Collection

I have been debating for a while whether or not I should write about Dita’s latest lingerie collection.

Let me start by saying outright that I do not like it; I don’t like it in the slightest. But the reason that I haven’t jumped straight in blogged about my disgust for Dita’s latest line is because it is good that there is some vintage inspired underwear in mainstream shops and department stores, and it’s good that women are given the choice to wear soemthing other than a plain t-shirt bra.

However, the first time that I saw the pieces on display, I was shocked that she would release such items, they were not strong in the slightest; these pieces were not designed compliment a woman’s body, nor were they built for real support. Although Dita says that she felt inspired by her vintage lingerie collection, I feel like her performance outfits were more likely to be the real inspiration behind this collection. ‘Vintage’ lingerie is structures, strong, robust, tight, contains metal and dozens of pieces of fabric – The Von Follies line is none of the above.

I have selected a few of her designs to show you what I mean.

The ‘Her Sexellency’ long line bra – I would be afraid of wearing this due to lack of structure and strength in the make of the garment. The cups are held together by a bit of thread and the straps, unlike any Vintage bras I own, are very thin and plain. I haven’t tried this on but judging by the picture below, I highly doubt that this would fit most women properly, the cups look too small, even for this model. My side-boobs would be all over the place if I were to wear this!

I get the look that Dita was trying to go for here but I don’t think that it’s useful for anything other than prancing around in the bedroom in front of your boyfriend. I came across this image of the designer herself; obviously she sees it as a top rather than a piece of underwear. I have to say, if you’re willing to bare that much cleavage, I agree with her… (and also WHERE ARE YOUR STOCKINGS DITA?! ugh).

I genuinely think it’s great that Dita has included a few slips in her range, I also genuinely hate the ones that she has designed. They are really thick and coarse and I cannot imagine for one second that they sit well under a dress or a skirt.  Here is the ‘Savoir Faire’ Half Slip:

I think that slips should be light and floaty and not get in the way of your outerwear, I am therefore not a fan of this item.

I also think that the number of suspender belts versus the number of girdles is disappointing. On the Myer site, I counted 15 suspender belts in there and they all look like pretty standard belts with a bit of lace and frill slapped all over them, but there is just one girdle…

Here’s what she had to say about her inspiration for this collection:

“I found the inspiration for this style in a 1950s era vintage lingerie catalogue that depicts risqué bras imported from France”

Nobody wore suspender belts like this (bits of string) back in the 50s, so which vintage underwear was she inspired by exactly?

I just want to show you her ‘Madame X’ belt:

Now… If I were to wear this, my tummy would be bulging out all over the place. I most definitely would not be looking my best in my dresses. But, like I said, maybe this underwear was not designed with practicality in mind.

The ‘Parisienne’ girdle is a really good length, I just think it’s a shame that it gives about the same amount of support to a woman’s body as a lemon.

The ‘Sheer Witchery’ longline corset is …*sigh*..I give up… Just no, it’s horrible.

The one thing that really annoyed me about her range was this:

Dita, you should know better than to use those ugly clip covers! And not only are they covered, the straps are detachable! Straps should never be detachable in my opinion.

The two other things that put me off were:

1. The prices were ludicrous! For the quality of the underwear on offer, there is no way that I would want to pay that much money! 100 bucks for a badly made bra? No thanks.

2. The sizing. I thought, ok, I will give this a go, don’t be unfair, so I tried to find my size in one of the quarter cup bras (36DD) and there was nothing. I looked at a few of the other bras, again nothing. For some reason, this range of bras is only available to women with small breasts.

I’m really disappointed with Dita for bringing this collection out. I know that she doesn’t wear this sort of thing herself (except for the opening night), so why can’t she bring out something that really is inspired by vintage underwear?

Like I sad, the fact that she has brought out a range of vintage inspired underwear is great; Dita has become a household name and she has most definitely helped to popularise the vintage/ retro/ burlesque look. However,  I certainly will not be buying any of her underwear.


One thought on “Dita’s Von Follies Collection

  1. Thanks for your honesty. I’ve been curious about this, and your assessment matches my initial quick gut reaction. Not at all worth the money and misrepresents the quality and durability of sexy-yet-sturdy support & undergarments. And nothing for big boobs?!?!? Gah. I’m a 36DD *at least*, too and that’s still not even like a really BIG boob.

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