Foundations Revealed – Comp 2018


August, 2017

Corset making competition – 2018

Last year I spent a very long time and a lot of effort creating my first Foundations Revealed competition entry. I entered into the beginner’s category with a gold corset I named ‘Rapunzel’. As you may know, I actually won the category which was a HUGE honour as the vast majority of the corset makers that I love and admire subcribe to FR.

Why do I want to enter the competition? 

This year I am aiming to enter the competition again but I will be submitting my entry to the Improver’s category. This time however, I want to push myself to do something very different. I will (potentially) be making three quite challenging items, two of which will be made of materials that I haven’t worked with before. I’m not sure that this ‘experiment’ will work but I’m going to give it a good try. Read on to find out which materials I will be using and what my inspiration is…

2018 theme

Last year there were a couple of themes, however Foundations Revealed have changed a few things up and there is one theme – ‘Insects‘!

Butterflies, moths, wasps, bees, ladybugs, ants, dragonflies… the possibilities are endless. Make a costume with gossamer wings, make your corset echo a thorax and abdomen, or sew little beasties on in profusion. Get abstract and use beetle wings or cochineal. Recreate Doucet’s bees dress, or Worth’s butterflies, or Victorian fancy dress, or take your inspiration from something more futuristic by McQueen or Mugler. But one rule remains – an insect has six legs. No snails, no spiders!

Perhaps you could look for meaning in Napoleon’s hard working bee, or embody the transformation and rebirth of the butterfly, or the fleeting transience of the mayfly. Be beautiful, be fragile, or swarm in, dark and dangerous. Be a delicate dream or a disturbing nightmare. It’s up to you… but why not start here, with our Pinterest board?

My inspiration

It took me a few weeks to settle on my inspiration, but here goes…

Stay tuned to find out where I’m going with this inspiration!