Jasmine reviews the Revival Lingerie 14 strap suspender belt

Ok… So… I am just going to go out there and say it… get it out of the way..

You can wear Vintage styled underwear and be plus size.. Just because you are more curvy, a bit thicker or just plus sized doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with stuff your grandma wouldn’t wear. You can feel sexy and hot, because you are !!

Hi, I am Jasmine and am also know as Quirky and Curvy.


I am a Plus Size, Quirky, Geeky, Curvy, Rockabilly and vintage obsessed Girl.

I have always loved nice stockings and garters, they just feel sexy. I wear them for myself, I just love the feel and the look.

Today I am going to let you know my thoughts on my new acquisition from Kiss me Deadly – The Revival Lingerie 14 Strap Suspender Belt. This had been reviewed on here before but I am going to be discussing this from my view as a plus size woman.


When I ordered this from Kiss Me Deadly. I mainly did because I just loved the look. I also had the thought that the more straps there was maybe it would help stop my stockings from slipping a bit on my ample thighs. The result – It works a treat. I love it.


If I was designing it there are a few changes I would make.

But lets start with the fit and plusses

I ordered a 2XL not quite sure if it would it but I was willing to give it a try. For those playing at home I usually wear an 18 (sometimes 20 depending on brand)

My Measurements are roughly

Bust: 50 inches or 127cm

Waist: 37 inches or 94 cm

Hips: 53 inches or 134cm

They are available from a Small to 5XL and come in white, black and red.

The 2XL fits very well. The straps are all a great length and are adjustable. This is so important for me as I have what I affectionately call a ‘bubble butt’ so they need to make it over my bum that sticks out and still have the give for sitting and all that.


The adjustments are done with simple little flip up grips. the ones at the back occasionally need adjusting but it is nothing that annoys me.

The 14 straps feel great. The waist stays in place and doesn’t feel like it is going to get pulled down. Most importantly my stockings feel secure. They don’t feel like they are slipping down, sagging or digging in on both sides.


I have comfortably worn this all day and all night on multiple occasions and it has not let me down. Also thankfully for me, I love the way it looks.


The material is a nice stretch satin material and the belt is lovely and wide. It is meant to sit on your true waist so doesn’t dig in or give you weird bulges.

The downs. I do not overly love the little bow and loopy lace edging. If i was designing I would have either kept in simple satin and silver or made the whole thing very lace and femme.


They just feel tacked on and are not needed in my opinion

My verdict – I love it. It is a great belt, It does not take forever to put on and yes, I can do it myself, even the back ones. If I was going to order again I may go down a size just to see but as a curvy girl it is awesome.  The size range is wonderful and at only 36 GBP it is not bad at all cost wise.

No matter what your size you deserve to feel sexy and enjoy the swish of your nylons and that secret little smile when you know what you have on under that dress.




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