Nicola and her first bullet bra

Ok, so I have had the greatest pleasure meeting The Nylon Swish curator Elinor at our Vintage Sewing Course. Rather than pay avid attention to the tutor, Elinor and I become the two girls who sat at the back of the class and chatted shit. But, it was good shit! She explains to me that she sells and models vintage inspired lingerie, which immediately makes me swoon with jealousy and envy but mostly admiration. After having a good ole’ chin wag about bullet bras I decide to take the plunge (pun intended) and buy one from her. Soooooo, here is my review on the whole bullet bra experience.

After looking at a few bullet bras on the website I decided to go ahead with the What Katie Did Cabaret Bullet Bra. The reason being was I loved the colour, the shape, and the material. I wasn’t disappointed. The sizing was perfect (I was a bit jammy, I had Elinor to talk to about sizing). Also, being a gal who has had breast implants I was worried that my bust wouldn’t mold into the cup as sometimes certain bras enhance the shape of the implant. With this bra I didn’t find this happened, I jiggled my rock melons into the bra and voila!

IMG_4243What I love the most about the bra is the fact that the straps don’t slip…my biggest, hugest, most annoying complaint with modern bras is that the straps sit too close to the edge of my shoulders, and I constantly have that irritating one strap playing peak-a-boo. I cannot tell you how much this frustrates me! With the Cabaret Bullet Bra, because the straps are placed at the center of the cup they sit comfortably on the shoulder and don’t droop, it’s a wonderful and liberating feeling!

IMG_4241 (1)Now I don’t have to do that move where you dig ungracefully under through your arm sleeve or your shirt to locate that AWOL strap, grab it with you finger tips, and hoist it back into position, only for it to slip back to its ‘peek-a-boo, I see youuuu’ position.

I decided to purchase bullet bra pads, just to enhance the bullet effect. If I had to say one negative thing is that, because the bra has lacy material it does have a slight itch to it, but nothing that I can’t stand and if I wear the pads then I feel nothing at all.

IMG_4242Overall I am over the moon with my bullet bra and see this becoming a small obsession/ collection. My next purchase will be a garter belt with stockings…I just need to be nice to my credit card for a month and then I’ll hit her hard again!

Much love and thanks to Elinor…you’re a star!


You can follow Nicola on instagram, which I would absolutely advise (she wears some very nice clothes!)

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