Rago 2202 bra review

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.36.51 pm

Rago Shapewear is one of my preferred underwear brands, for various reasons, and one of my favourite pieces is the 2202 bra.

The 2202 is a very versatile bra that can be paired with a girdle under a vintage dress for a retro look, or simply worn under a t-shirt. This versatility is what makes this longline bra one of my most worn items. I mostly wear this bra with a longline girdle, such as the 6210 because I’m too long bodied for some one-piece shapewear items. I also wear it with my 14 strap suspender belts because I feel less self-conscious about my belly when I am in this Rago longline, it pulls in my waist and flattens out the area between my under bust and belly button.

I try to avoid wearing underwired bras whenever possible, my top ribs protrude quite a bit and by the end of the day I’m usually in quite a lot of pain from the wiring. I have tried going up and down sizes, different styles, shapes and makes but generally speaking underwired bras don’t work for me. One common misconception is that non-underwired bras are not supportive, in my experience this is far from the truth and I haven’t ever worn a wireless bra that didn’t support by chest.

Although the shape is great, I have ordered some bullet bra pads to create more of a retro shape. I just love pointy boobs too much. This is one of my issues with Rago, they make such a great selection of shapewear, that I don’t understand why they haven’t designed a few different cup shapes. A slightly pointed bra would fit well into their collection.

One thing that really bothers me about non longline bras is my back fat bulging under and above the band. This shouldn’t happen too badly if the band is the right size, however my weight fluctuates so much that one week one bra might fit me perfectly and the next week (after too many almond slices) it might be slightly too small, causing bulges. Thanks to their magical wide bands, I’m happy to say that longline bras will solve all your back fat problems, that’s right ladies, no more back boobs (praise Jesus Rago!).

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.38.53 pmI’m fortunate enough to have a partner who loves dressing me in the morning, however when he’s not around, I obviously have to dress myself. When I first tried to put this bra on, it was a slightly challenging, and I may have pulled a few muscles, please feel free to learn from my stupidity. All you need to to is wrap around you back to front, this means that the panel of clasps will be at the front. Don’t pull the bra up too high at first, then do up the clasps and twist the whole bra around. Lastly, pop your arms through the straps, pull the bra up and adjust yourself. I find that it take me a minute or two to settle into Rago bras, no matter how much adjusting I do, their bras don’t sit right until I have worn them for a few minutes.

In terms of sizing, I normally wear a 36 DD bra size but my 2202 bras are a size 36 D. In all honestly, I could have gone down a band size and got the 34 D for extra cinch, but the 36 D cinches me enough.

The 2202 is priced very reasonably at $46 USD, especially considering that it’s a bra for all occasions, and it is available in both black and white. There is obviously a lot of work that has gone into the construction of this bra, and it will support you in all the right places – check out all the panelling and boning in this bra:

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.32.46 pm

An additional feature that is found on a lot of longline bras is the elasticated band around the bottom. The bra sits on my hip dip and would probably cut into my skin if it didn’t have the elastic band, it also provides further cinching. The entire bra generally gives me a great silhouette to be honest, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. I would also say that slim, ‘average’ and plus-size women would all benefit from this shaping bra. If only Rago made bigger cup sizes for the buxom ladies out there….

15366638962_fdb8fabd66_oIf you would like to try out a Rago 2202 bra for yourself, head over to American Shapewear!


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