Review of The Big Tights Company magic seamed stockings

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 7.28.53 pmA few months ago my partner sent me a link to a website called The Big Tights Company. I instantly dismissed it and scowled at him because I thought he knew better than to send me links to a business that manufactures tights, as we both hate them. Luckily, he convinced me to take a look a look at the products and the blog post written by the owners called ‘How it all started‘. It was very interesting, and also inspiring to read about the difficult journey that Laura went on to manufacture hosiery for plus sized women. She is genuinely someone that I look up to and respect, she is living proof that if you want something enough, you have to go for it!

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 7.33.50 pm

I wanted to try some of her stockings for a while and had been told by a friend to give them a go but I just didn’t get round to ordering a pair. Thankfully, Laura contacted me and asked if I would like to try some of her products, of course I said yes. One of the most popular questions that I receive (apart from ‘how do you go to the bathroom in THAT?!) is ‘where can I buy stockings for my plus-sized thighs’. This question is something that bothers me, not because I don’t like people asking but because I’m ashamed that the stockings companies that I love and encourage people to try don’t go up to larger sizes. I don’t understand why more hosiery companies don’t realise that they to produce larger sizes for women. Anyway, I replied to Laura saying that I would love to try some of her magic seamed stockings but that I had visited her website a few days prior and didn’t think that she had my size. She assured me that the UK size 30/32 would fit my 14-16 body. A short while later the stockings arrived in my letter box and here are the results!


The ‘nude’ colour is really lovely and suits my skin tone perfectly, it’s not too dark so they make my legs look like they have been airbrushed. I was slightly more concerned about the black pair before trying them on as I thought that they would be darker around my ankles and a lot more sheer around my thighs where they would be stretched out, however this wasn’t the case at all and the colour seems very consistent.


The seam on the nude pair is very subtle and doesn’t scream ‘look at my legs!’ but adds a touch of vintage. The black seam is slightly more obvious but looks really nice. If The Big Tights Company were to manufacture nude stockings with a black seam, I think this would catapult them into the forefront of the vintage lingerie scene; so many plus sizes women want to wear stockings on a day to day basis or just for boudoir shoots and I think a contrast seam would be invaluable to the plus-sized vintage market.

btc-0743The fake point heel is good but I have long feet (UK size 9) which means that the heel does not come up as high I would like it to. This is a common theme amongst stretch seamed stockings and is the price I pay for having stupidly big feet! I really like the imitation ‘black foot’ style as well (usually only found on fully-fashioned stockings).


I wore the ‘nude’ pair to work today and had no issues with them at all, in fact they were extremely comfortable. They didn’t sag (I was wearing them with a 6 strap girdle), the seam didn’t shift and there were no bagginess around my knees or ankles. The length is more than ample for me, I am 5’11”  and they came up quite high on my legs, which will mean that I will have to be careful not to choose a suspender belt with long straps to wear with them – I am by no means complaining about this though, I love long stockings!


The big selling point of these stockings is of course that they are designed for plus-sized thighs. If you struggle to find stockings that fit your ample thighs, then consider Laura from The Big Tights Company as the plus-sized stockings fairy, because she has more than delivered with these stockings. Her products  (tights as well as stockings) range from a UK size 20 to a size 42, which is a great for us ladies with shapely thighs. I have added the sizing information for these stockings below:

THIGH TO 30″ (76cms)

THIGH TO 28″ (71cms)


Don’t forget, I’m a size 14-16 and fit perfectly into the 30/32 stockings. If you are nervous about sizing, you can purchase a sample for £1.


Another aspect of these stockings that I like is that the knit is really consistent and tidy which means that they look and feel like quality hosiery. Sometimes I buy cheap stretchy stockings that just look like something I used to wear to school with a horrible knit and I regret buying them every time I put them on. These however, are great stretchy stockings.


The only negative thing that we noticed was that because the seam is not very raised, it makes getting the seam straight slightly challenging. When putting on seamed stockings, the best way to ensure your seams are straight is to keep your thumb on the seam and guide it while you pull the stocking up your leg. Luckily I have a partner who likes to dress me himself but even he mentioned that it was quite hard to get the seams straight. I think this could be solved by just making the seam thicker, however it really isn’t a deal breaker for me.

btc-0737If you would like to buy some of these stockings, head over to and look for ‘magic seamed stockings‘, I would wholeheartedly recommend them!


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