Review of the What Katie Did L6035 Padded Bullet Bra

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.09.23 pmWhen my partner took me into What Katie Did to buy me my first set of reproduction vintage lingerie (which you can read about here), I tried this padded bullet bra on. I was expecting the bra to look as great as it did on all the other ladies I saw wearing it in the boudoir shoots, however it fell short of my expectations. The cups pointed outwards and it just didn’t seem to fit the shape of my breasts very well at all. We regretfully left that bra behind that day but it has been bothering me ever since. I thought that perhaps I had thought that it didn’t fit me because I knew a lot less back then and I lacked a lot of confidence. So a short while ago I went ahead and bought one. Read on to see if I was right the first time round…

el_bra-0476So why have I been obsessed with this bra for so long? It could hardly be described as practical, it’s a very distinctive shape even under clothes and it is hardly designed for support. Well, I’m not entirely sure to be honest, it’s just something that got into my head and didn’t leave.  I love the sweater girl look, but tend to prefer the rounded ends rather than the extra pointy look. I think I just wanted to try it out, and try it out I did.


There are some really nice things about this bra; the circular stitching is beautifully done and even though it is there to hold the cup together and create a nice consistent shape, I think it also looks really pretty.

Just like the WKD cone bra, the cups come up quite high which is one of my favourite things about retro bras, it makes them so comfortable.

Another aspect of this bra that I absolutely love is the band, most of it is made of satin non-stretch fabric which is lovely, however there is a small panel at the front that is elasticated. A lot of original bullet bras had this elasticated piece and the little triangular hole in between the cups, and I love that What Katie Did have recreated this style in their own bras.


Unfortunately I can’t give this bra a fantastic review due to several aspects that I think have been badly designed/ executed:

  • The cups are not level at all, I don’t know if I have a duff bra but this defect really ruins the bra for me. My right shoulder is slightly higher than the left one, which I thought might have affected where the cups sit, however after adjusting my shoulders to make them straighter, it had very little effect on the cup positioning.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 2.20.39 pm

  •  The other issue with these cups is that they point outwards, which you can see in my very awkward photo below (the only way I could show this):

IMG_0471-1Maybe my breasts are too close together for this style, or I have the wrong size…

  • The other thing that bothers me about this bra is that it is really baggy under my arms. I suspect that this is related to fitting…which leads me onto my next point…


  •  I wear a 36DD is every bra that I own by WKD, including this one but I think I might have the wrong size. I have looked through the website but cannot find any sizing recommendations. I would have no idea how to recommend size on this style, maybe i should have tried on lots of different sizes while I was in the London shop, to see if any of the other sizes fitted me differently.
  • Lastly, the straps at the front are great but they seam to be sewn onto the band close to the armpit at the back. I’m not sure why it was designed in this way but in my opinion they should be sewn further around to where the black arrow is pointed. I think that aesthetically and support-wise it would work a lot better.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 9.18.10 pm

In conclusion, I’m glad I own this bra and that I have got it out of my system but I will be keeping it for shoots only. Although this is definitely not my favourite bra by WKD, I really respect them for reproducing this style.

This bra is available at in the Classic Lingerie section. Search in the ‘bras‘ section or for ‘L6035 Padded Bullet Bra‘ in the search box.


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