Review of the What Katie Did L6037 Cone Bra

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.54.05 pmThis retro-inspired item is one of What Katie Did’s most glamorous yet practical bras, whilst staying true to the brassiere styles of the 1950s. I can honestly say that I have worn this bra to tatters, I love it that much. It now has some holes in the cups where they join to the band, but do not let this put you off. It is such a strong bra that I feel confident wearing it to work, on nights out, to go do my grocery shopping, I think I even moved house wearing it! This is why it is showing some signs of wear and tear, not because it it is flimsy.


So what makes this bra so wearable? This glamorous bra is practical for several reasons; it has nice thick straps, the band is slightly elasticated and the cups come up quite high on the chest. One of the things that I dislike about modern bras is that their straps are thin and unsupportive, which can be uncomfortable. I also find that modern bras don’t tend to stay up well on me, the straps get looser and looser and then slip over my shoulders. There are only so many times that I can be bothered to stitch my bra straps together to prevent this from happening. I don’t have that problem with this bra (or any of WKD’s bras for that matter), because the straps are made up of thick elastic that don’t slip out of the strap adjustors. Another reason is that the straps are positioned over the middle of the cup, rather than on the outside of the cups. I hope the below image helps to illustrate what I mean:

LEFT - Modern bra  - RIGHT - WKD cone bra

LEFT – Modern bra – RIGHT – WKD cone bra

The fact that the cups come up high is also extremely comfortable, it means that there is no boob popping up above the cup – Everything is nicely secured. Lastly, the band around the back of the bra, and also the little elasticated triangle at the very centre, assists with the comfort level. My weight fluctuates and this helps a bit when I have put on an extra kilo, meaning that the band does not dig into my skin.

el_bra-0589It’s practical, great, but how can a practical bra be glamorous? The thing is, this style of bra might be seen as a luxury item now but back in the day, this style was as common as the t-shirt bra is today. The shape and style is inspired by genuine vintage bras that women would have worn on a daily basis. However, there are a few little details that WKD have added to add glamour and a feel of luxury;

  • The satin material is shiny and looks beautiful when it catches the light. It also feels very luxurious and soft.
  • The cone stitching looks pretty, although the cup is constructed of two pieces, each cup has stitching that goes from the outside of the cup to the centre point. This serves two functions, to keep the shape and it also looks pretty fancy. WKD have some models that have red stitching, this looks even fancier!
  • The mesh fabric above the cups – This is one of my favourite features of this bra, it looks very pretty against skin and it also reminds me of the welts on stockings, which obviously makes me very happy.

el_bra-0593The only negative that I can think of, which isn’t really a negative for me is that the ring which links the strap and the cup seems very thin to me. Although mine have stayed in one piece, they do make me a little nervous. However, I have just tried to bend them and they seem very strong so maybe I’m just being paranoid!

What is the fit like? I am a 36DD and have bought this bra in a 36DD. Both the band and the cups fit me very well, it seems true to size.

photo 1-2How extreme is the cone shape? It’s not very extreme at all. Under clothes people would barely notice a difference, you could of course wear bullet bra pads in the cups to make the shape of your bust more prominent.

Is this bra good value for money? Absolutely! It costs $61.50 AUD which isn’t super cheap, but it’s not very expensive either. I have owned this bra for well over a year now and it is one of my favourites, I wear it a few times a week so have had some good wear out of it.

Colours and styles – This bra is available in black and peach however WKD have previously put together another style with slight padding and red stitching.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.03.30 pmThis bra is available at in the Classic Lingerie section. Search in the ‘bras‘ section or for ‘L6037 Cone Bra‘ in the search box.


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