Review of the What Katie Did L6095 Cabaret Bullet Bra

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Of the three bullet/ cone bras from What Katie Did, I have, in my opinion left the best until last. Not only is this my favourite of the three, but it this Cabaret bullet bra is my all time favourite bra by What Katie Did. My partner bought the black version and the black and white version for me a couple of years ago and they have changed how I look at bras since. I had previously only worn padded t-shirt bras with the aim of increasing the size of my bust and maximising my cleavage, as I used to wear a lot of low cut tops and dresses. The way I dressed stemmed from my lack of confidence, and often attracted the wrong kind of attention. When I started getting into retro underwear, I realised that I couldn’t wear any of the tops that I had previously worn as the bra cups come up quite high, not only on this bullet bra but on most retro bra styles. So in my case, the underwear came first and then the outerwear followed, and the more modestly I dressed, the more confident I felt. I now very rarely show off any cleavage and I feel sexier than ever, all of this is due to this wonderful bra.

I remember very clearly the first time that I wore this bra to work. I wore a black satin shirt over the top and was incredibly self-conscious of my chest and the new shape that I was wearing. As I walked into the office, I was fully expecting everyone to take one look at me  and shout ‘Oh my god Elinor, what the hell is wrong with your boobs?!’ but nothing happened. I walked around all day with my pointy breasts and nobody said a thing, nobody even looked. By the time I got home that evening, I was feeling a lot more confident about wearing this bra out in public. Since then, I have progressed to wearing tight tops with this bra and I absolutely love the way it looks. Yes, I have noticed a few sideways looks from men and women alike but quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what other people think because I think my boobs look FANTASTIC!


So why do I love this bra so much?

Shape – The bullet shape can look quite extreme if worn with a tight fitting top but in actual fact, it really isn’t that pointy. It has a really lovely curve where the nipple is, unlike the padded bullet bra which has a full-on point. I think this makes this bra a lot more accessible to ladies who are unsure about the bullet shape and want to start out with a moderate point. However, this isn’t just a ‘learner’ bra, it’s a keeper even for ladies who are well into their vintage and retro lingerie. I would actually say that this bra is a must have for all seasoned lingerie lovers.


Construction – I would love to meet the men and women who make Katie’s bras for her because they must have magic hands to be able to make such beautiful bras. The cups on the Cabaret bullet bra has perfect circular stitching  to create the bullet shape. Each cup is also made up of half sheer material and half satin material which I adore. I would however also like to see this bra in only sheer material, in my opinion this would look extra sexy.

Despite the bra being made up of quite a lot of sheer material, it is incredibly strong. Much like the WKD cone bra, this gets worn on a very regular basis. I wear it to work and also when going out in the evenings. I believe these pieces of underwear were designed to be worn properly rather than being locked up in a drawer only to appear once in a blue moon, for a date night or a boudoir photoshoot.

Again, like the other two bullet/ cone bras that I have previously reviewed, the bra straps never fall down thanks to their positioning.


Appearance –  These bras are available in a multitude of colours that you can mix and match with other pieces of underwear form WKD (or other brands if you feel like it). They are always incredibly tasteful and made of quality fabric. The sheer and satin combination looks extremely glamorous in my opinion and the band with the signature gap between the band and both cups just adds to that glamour.


Sizing – You might think that sizing is difficult in this style of bra, in actual fact What Katie Did have made it very easy for you all – Simply choose the same size as you would wear with ‘standard’ bras. Too easy.

Value for Money – This bra costs $63 AUD which I think is really good for such a beautifully made and glamorous bra.


This bra is available at in the Classic Lingerie section. Search in the ‘bras‘ section or for ‘L6095 Cabaret Bullet Bra‘ in the search box.


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