Revival Lingerie – 14 strap suspender belt review

A few weeks ago, I bought a few items from Kiss Me Deadly, including this 14 strap suspender belt – This item is actually from their pop-up brand ‘Revival Lingerie’.


I am a massive fan of suspender belts and girdles with more than six straps, for many reasons which you can read about here.

I wore my new Revival Lingerie suspender belt to work today and loved it! This morning, I woke up at 7.15, and I leave for work at 7.30 so I thought that the chances of me throwing on a 14 strapper, were pretty slim if I’m going to be completely honest. However, I decided to get on with it and risk leaving the house a couple of minutes later than usual. I can promise you that I did dress myself this morning as my partner in crime is not in the country at the moment. From start to finish, it took me probably about two minutes to get my stockings on and clip all fourteen straps on.

So what’s great about this suspender belt? Well, it’s got a thick belt, which I love. You may know this by now but I am not a big fan of shoestring suspender belts. The width of the belt means that it sits really nicely on my hips and doesn’t create any unsightly bulges.

the straps are wide, this is one thing that I cannot live without when it comes to suspension. The straps are not only thick but are also adjustable, so that you can shorten or lengthen them. I recommend doing this once you are fully clipped in though, it’s a lot easier and will save you time.

photo 2 (2)

I own several pieces of suspension that have a faulty clip, which really annoys me. It means that the faulty clip will continuously come undone on several occasions throughout the day. This belt doesn’t have any issues with becoming undone, it is very strong and secure!

So what’s bad about it? Well, I feel like Revival Lingerie could have spent a little more on the tabs attached to the clips. There is nothing specifically wrong with them, as I mentioned, they are strong, however they just feel cheap. They could be improved by having tabs made out of thin fabric and metal buttons.

The second thing that I don’t really like, but is totally down to personal taste, is the bow and frilly edges. I like my underwear to look functional and practical, so could really do without the extra frills. However, it’s not a show stopper, just something that I wouldn’t have chosen to put on the belt.

photo 1

In terms of sizing, my waist measures 30″, however I decided to size down and chose the medium which measures 27/28″. I always size down with suspender belts because they tend to slip over my hips if I choose my actual size.

The cost of this belt is 36 pounds, which I think is pretty reasonable. If you would like to try an inexpensive 14 strapper and want to support a great little business, I would really recommend this one, I felt very sexy all day!



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