Revival Lingerie – Blue Criss Cross Girdle review

I recently purchased a few items from Kiss Me Deadly, including the very pretty blue Criss Cross girdle from the pop-up brand, Revival Lingerie.


So, the Criss Cross girdle, what’s so great about it? Well, as you will have noticed by now, I am quite lazy in the mornings when it comes to getting dressed, which means that I love finding practical girdles that I can just fall out of bed, into.  I own a couple of super basic vintage girdles from Triumph and Marcel Worth which I adore. However, if I could wave a magic wand and change one thing about them, I would probably make them a little longer. I have a long body which means that I appreciate a little extra material; I would go as far as saying that it is the perfect length for me.

Although it is not a very firm item in terms of structure, it holds me in well and is so comfortable. My waist measures 30 inches and my hips are 41 inches, I ordered the large size which measures – waist – 29-30 inches and hips – 39-40 inches. The fit is perfect. The extra pieces of material that have been added to the inside of the girdle and then stitched in a cross pattern (hence the name ‘Criss Cross’) provide more support than if it had been just one band of material.

The colour is lovely; before this purchase, I only owned, black, white and peach pieces. This has definitely opened my mind to buying more exciting colours in the future.

The finish is also very good and the straps are nice and thick (relatively speaking, for modern suspension).

I’m trying to think of something negative to say about it… I only have one?

If you would like to see some pictures of me wearing the girdle, please click here!

Tomorrow, I will try out my new 14 strap suspender belt, also from Revival Lingerie but purchased through Kiss Me Deadly.



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